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  • Electrical and Electronics Sector Market Profiles & Briefs

    Opportunities for Sri Lankan Electronic Printed Circuits in USA

    The market for electronic printed circuit boards is a market that is highly competitive in the US. It has seen an immense amount of growth in recent years and the market trends indicate that it will continue to grow. This report will touch on various topics regarding the market situation in 2017, the position of Sri Lankan Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), the activities of the competition and a final analysis and recommendation

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    Opportunities for Sri Lankan Insulated Wires & Cables in Turkey

    As an important producer and consumer in the wire & cable industry, Turkey’s demand for Wire & Cables has been on the rise and has a tendency to increase in the future because of widespread usage of the product, growing population and increasing percentage of population using internet and electronic devices.

    When figures concerning Turkey’s production capacity and Sri Lanka’s exports are observed, it would not be realistic to identify Turkey as a target market for relevant Sri Lankan exporters.

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    Opportunities for Sri Lankan Electronic Printed Circuits in Turkey

    According to periodical import figures of Turkey, sector experts and relevant company CEO’s the usage of ‘’Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s) has been gradually increasing since 1980’s, due the the start of widespread usage of electrical – electronic products such as TV’s, white goods, security and automation systems. Also widespread usage of popular LED lightning systems (Aluminum Boards) in recent years has contributed positively to the demand. When Turkey’s imports of HS 8534 between 2009-2016 are observed, it’s seen that the imports have been almost doubled, hinting that the increase will continue in the years to come.

    Due to current level of imports from China, proximity to other producers in Europe and small but reliable domestic production, It appears that currently, Turkish market does not provide many opportunities to Sri Lankan exporters.

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    Opportunities for Sri Lankan Electronic Products in Kuwait

    Kuwait has imported electronic printed circuits with the value of USD 1,281,000 in 2015. The market has been increased during past few years from USD 475,000 in 2011.

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