VEE Power Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

VEE Power Solutions (Pvt) Ltd VEE Power Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

Vee Power Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. is a Leading power distribution panel manufacturing company equipped with modern sophisticated industrial machines providing total power solutions and intelligent Panel Board Solutions along with competent and well experienced technical team.

Founded in Makola in 2010 by three partners, we now employ more than 1,000 professionals worldwide. We advise and support global companies that are leaders in their industries.

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VEE Power Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

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Company NameVEE Power Solutions (Pvt) Ltd


Products / Services RangeLV Panel Boards and Cable Management System

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Address No.236/5 , Mabima, Heiyanthuduwa.

Telephone(94) 112489615

Fax(94) 112489617

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Contact Person Miss. Prasadi Rathnayaka CRM-Executive

Telephone (94) 717330333

Email [email protected]


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