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  • Exportation of Gems, Jewellery & Diamonds from Sri Lanka

    The exportation of gemstones, diamonds and jewellery from Sri Lanka falls under the jurisdiction of National Gem and Jewellery Authority (NGJA) and Sri Lanka Customs. Gemstones purchased in Sri Lanka can be exported either by Air freight or hand-carried by the owner under the inspection and approval of NGJA and Sri Lanka Customs.

    Gem Export License by National Gem and Jewellery Authority (NGJA)

    The export of gemstones from Sri Lanka can only be made under approval and clearance of the NGJA and for the convenience of the exporters, their service is available at the Diamond Export Unit at the Air Cargo Village of the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) in Katunayake and the Geuda Export Unit located at the NGJA branch office in Rathnapura.

    All the gem exporters and suppliers of Sri Lanka requires a valid Official Gem Dealers License issued by the NGJA. Each license is issued for a specific stock value and the exporters are required to comply with the maximum stock value ceiling indicated in the license for each export consignment.

    Diamond Lapidary License by NGJA

    Diamond lapidaries, which are engaged in the import and re-export of rough diamonds after polishing and cutting are required to obtain the valid official license by the NGJA authorizing the value addition and export process. Organisations, which would not be exporting the full consignment of imported rough-cut diamonds should obtain the official NGJA license for trading diamonds within Sri Lanka.

    Jewellery Manufacturers and Exporters License by NGJA

    Jewellery manufacturers and exporters who wish to export jewellery made with precious metals and gemstone studded jewellery should obtain a valid official license by the NGJA

    Requirements for Export Invoice Submission to NGJA

    • Export invoices should be submitted in an original letterhead of the exporter organisation
    • Export invoices should be clearly typed for easy reading and official inspection and handwritten submissions will not be accepted
    • Invoices should be devoid of alterations
    • The exporter must clearly indicate the NGJA registration number, also known as the file number, in all export invoices submitted in addition to the name of the exporter and license number. Submissions without the NGJA RGD number will not be accepted
    • The export invoice should clearly contain the consignee’s details for official scrutiny & verification
    • Export invoices should indicate the FOB value of the consignment
    • The invoices should be indicative of the per-carat rate weight for gemstones whilst mentioning the no of pieces and the carriage of the metal inclusive of the grammage for jewellery, Geuda, Quartz exports
    • The currency, as well as the current exchange rate applicable, should be clearly mentioned in the invoice
    • The export consignment should be indicative of generic local market values applicable for the items included invoices
    • Individual licence holders should not submit export consignments on behalf of commercial institutions. Drastic penalties shall be applicable to the handling agent as well as the exporter if detected.
    • The exports consignments should be submitted between 9.00 am and 3.30 pm on working days. invoices submitted after 3.30 pm will not be accepted.
    • Export invoices should be presented in stapled 8 copy sets with a new carbon paper inserted in between each copy

    Export of Gem Stones by Air Cargo, Express Mail (EMS), and FedEx

    Gemstones can be submitted to the NGJA with a regular Customs Declaration (CUSDEC) to be examined b the NGJA Valuer and Customs Gem Appraiser. Once the consignment is valued and inspected the sealed shipment would be transferred to the Air Cargo terminal by a bonded carrier. The shipments can also be sent through EMS or FedEx courier service.

    Hand carrying Gemstones by Departing Passenger - Normal Custom Procedure

    Gemstones that requires to be hand-carried needs to be submitted to the NGJA for prior approval. After the examination, the sealed gem consignment is transferred to the No 1 Duty Officer at the departure terminal of the BIA. Passenger can collect the gem parcel from the duty officer, after obtaining the Boarding Pass, by submitting the receipt they received at the NGJA and hand carry the Gems with them.

    Hand carrying Gemstones by Departing Passenger - Expedite Custom Procedure

    Buyers who urgently need to hand carry cut and polished Gemstones FOB valued at USD 200,000 or above can make a payment of USD 1500 for an expedite service and obtain a service fee voucher at the NGJA and proceed to the Airport with the gem consignment and thee copies of the invoice. The vouchers and gem consignment requires to be produced to the Customs Duty Officer at the departure terminal to be inspected and endorsed.

    Important Organisations

    National Gem and Jewellery Authority (NGJA)
    No 25,
    Galle Face Terrace,
    Colombo 3

    Sri Lanka Gem & Jewellery Exchange - Colombo
    World Trade Center
    Level 4 & 5, East Low Block,
    Echelon Square,
    Colombo 01

    Sri Lanka Gem & Jewellery Exchange - Rathnapura
    Frank Hettiarchchi Street,

    Sri Lanka Customs - Gem Unit
    1st Floor,
    National Gem and Jewelry Authority,
    25, Galle Face Terrace,
    Colombo 3