• Sri Lanka's Marine & Offshore Services

    Sri Lanka's Marine & Offshore Services

  • Why Sri Lanka's Marine & Offshore Services

    • Worldwide Marine and Offshore Engineering
    • Aerial close up view of port with yachts in the sea
    • Aerial close up view of port with yachts in the sea near the beach,
    • Aerial close-up view of port with yachts in the sea in Trincomalee

    Sri Lanka is strategically well positioned in South Asia, at the cross roads of the fastest growing region of the world. Also, Sri Lankan lay-up locations (Trincomalee, Hambantota, etc) are located closer to major shipping routes – enables quick reactivation when business commences.

    Sri Lanka has one of the best, safest and sheltered natural deep water ports located in Trincomalee in the Eastern Province of the Island amongst other strategic and capable ports such as Hambantota and Colombo which are located in close proximity to the world’s busiest sea routes, where it’s stated that nearly 200-250 vessels passing Sri Lanka daily and the country will benefit immensely if we venture into developing Marine and Offshore Industry.

    Sri Lanka with its array of ports, primarily Trincomalee Port, Hambantota Port, Galle Port and Colombo Port can be developed to deliver Marine and Offshore products across the Oil & Gas Industry, Offshore Renewable Energy sector, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) sector, ship building/repair/servicing/lay-up sectors, sub-sea and oceanographic/engineering sectors, enabling an offering for a full suite of integrated solutions for the global Marine & Offshore Industry.

    In Sri Lanka, there are few indigenous Sri Lankan companies who are able to provide most of the services related to Marine and Offshore Services Sector, particularly for the all Oil Rig Lay-up facilities. The term ‘Lay-up’ means vessels/ships are temporarily anchored or parked on hold until these vessels are hired for their next oil & gas exploration or production job.

    In addition to providing technical services and other infrastructure facilities, it is suggested to use Trincomalee as the nucleus of developing as center for providing Designs and services for construction ,modification ,conversion of ships to Oil Rig and Oil /Gas storage .Newly developed land mass in the Port City in Colombo can also augment such business development by providing competitive resource centers for Global Oil and Gas sector Project Management Consultancy (PMC) and Engineering ,Procurement and Construing Companies.

    Following key criteria to win the lay-up business opportunities from international vessel owners for short, mid and long-term lay-ups;

    • Sheltered from open seas (e.g. Trincomalee Port/Inner Anchorage,).
    • Minimal tidal currents.
    • Good holding grounds for anchors.
    • Free and open outside of a typhoon/cyclone belt.

    Sri Lankan service providers are equipped with all critical engineering, vessel husbandry services, crew management, bunkering, repairs, servicing, inspection and certification and even quarantine facilities for the crew etc. to cater all kinds of lay-ups.

    • Sri Lanka ability to give the best Security and Safety coverage for any Vessel/ Rig.
    • Assets with experience and good track record.
    • Opportunity for Engineering Consultancy companies based abroad in Asia and Middle East to open branches of the service /outsourcing centers in Port City in Sri Lanka.
    • Training of experts in the Field of Engineering, Risk Analysis etc.

Marine & Offshore Services

Sri Lanka’s multitude of offshore and marine services consist of ship and boat repair services, mini-hydropower generation services, hydraulics engineering services, telecommunication services, geo/ bio, and environmental engineering services, and power and energy services.

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