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    optical use electronic components made in Sri Lanka

    Premium quality is not new to products made in Sri Lanka. The land is home to a lot of resourceful industries that manufacture a wide range of product varieties. As we think of exports from Sri Lanka, we tend to picture the trade of major export goods such as tea, rubber, and coconut. Yet, there are many subsidiaries and related goods that are also subjected to trade. These local manufacturers have extended their standards to such products as they have identified the untapped potential they possess. Most of these products are manufactured using the same raw materials as the main exports and their production is supervised by professionals who have years of experience serving each industry.

    Brooms and Brushes

    Coconut husks are a bi-product of the main Sri Lankan coconut exports such as desiccated coconut, coconut oil, and coconut water. It is the rough exterior shell of the coconut that protects it from weather conditions and shock. The fibre is what collectively makes the coconut husk thick and strong. The sector exports a wide variety of brushes made using coconut fibre. Sri Lankan manufacturers cater to nearly 40% of the global demand for coir brushes. Bannister brushes, mixed-fibre mason brushes, scrub brushes, and window wash brushes are available under this product range. These coir brushes are mostly handmade by professionals who have their talent passed on to them from generation to generation.

    Brooms made in Sri Lanka are also inspired by the unique structure of the Sri Lankan coir. They are used for both domestic and industrial purposes. Although they are challenged by the increasing use of plastic brooms, these coir brooms still hold the advantage of being the most environmentally friendly option. Since coir is resistant to seawater, these brooms are ideal for any situation. Sri Lankan coir broom and brush manufacturers serve international markets including the USA, Europe and Asia with their high-end coco fibre products. All The raw materials used to produce these coir products are certified through ISO 9001 and 14001 procedures.

    Mattresses and Mattress Supporters

    Sri Lankan mattress manufacturers provide you with the perfect products that make sure you get a good night sleep. Sri Lankan latex mattresses are known for their unique quality in the global market where they enjoy high demand. They are made using the Dunlop process where compound latex is frothed and filled into the mould and vulcanized at a lower temperature. The gravity and the natural deposition makes the firmness of the mattresses gradient from top to bottom. As a result, there is always enhanced back support and luxury comfort.

    Pillows, Bedsheets, Quilts, Bedspread, and cushion covers are also among the products that local mattress manufacturers offer. They are provided to customers with the expectation of providing comfort to their domestic environments. Bed sheets made in Sri Lanka are available in various materials such as cotton, linen, and synthetics. Percale is a popular bedsheet choice that is closely woven as plain wear of either cotton or cotton-polyester mix with a smooth and cool layout. Fannel is another great choice which is much suitable for cold weather.

    Buttons, Studs, Fasteners, and Similar Products

    All the simple things in a product help it to become perfect. Even though you end up making a product with the main ingredients, you still need the simple items that help these ingredients to bond with each other. For example, the shirt you are wearing will not hold together without the help of threads and buttons. So who makes these buttons and where can you get such items from? Sri Lankan manufacturers are always known for providing world markets with genuine products. Among them are manufacturers of machine tools, buttons, optical components, bonded tapes, interlining for garments, etc.

    For starters, products such as bonded tapes and other bondable accessories enjoy high demand in the garment industry, especially among bonded garment manufacturers who have moved on from sewing techniques. Similar demand is available for interlining products made in Sri Lanka. These products participate in the manufacturing of various garment items. Other items such as optical circulators, isolators, and electronic coils are used in the production of electrical equipment and appliances.

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Other Manufactured Products

Mattresses and mattress supporters, brooms and brushes of other fibres, and buttons, studs, fasteners, and other similar products are also manufactured in Sri Lanka. The wide range of products and expert exporters are well-suited to fulfil any requirements.

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