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In addition to our monthly online newsletters, Sri Lanka Export Development Board (SLEDB) publishes a series of trade-related magazines and other auxiliary publications that would assist Sri Lankan product and service suppliers in their exportation and business process. 

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  • Business Lanka Magazine

    The Business Lanka Magazine published quarterly by the  SLEDB, contains trade, economy, investment and product-related articles. 

    The magazine is circulated among all Sri Lankan diplomatic representations, trade chambers and trade promotion organizations in Sri Lanka and abroad. 

    Business Lanka magazine is as an effective advertising tool for Sri Lankan exporters and manufacturers to promote their products in International Markets.

    For more information on advertising and promotion, please contact;

    Mr Upul Galappaththi,
    Management Assistant
    Tel. No : +94-11-2300705/11 Ext. 320
    E-Mail- [email protected]

    • Foray into Organic Lives

      Foray into Organic Lives
      Vol. 30 - Issue 02/2017

      This edition of the Business Lanka magazine shines a light on an all-encompassing new movement dedicated to uplifting and improving the nation's and world's health. Nutrition being the key factor, Sri Lanka has made strides in the Organic Agriculture sector and continues to do so.

    • The Evolution of Service Infrastucuture

      The Evolution of Service Infrastucuture
      Vol. 30 - Issue 01/2017

      Sri Lanka stands out with a prime focus on its service industry. Few of the present features, touch on these topics like the "WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement" backed with several important points, and another key feature being the progress and road ahead of Sri Lanka as a "Maritime Hub".

    • World Export Development Forum 2016

      World Export Development Forum 2016
      Vol.29 - Issue 01/2016

      Arguably the most important confab in economic and development terms to take place in recent times, WEDF 2016, which will have the theme "Trade for Success: Connect, Compete, Change", brings together buyers and resource persons from around the globe to a single forum.

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