Market Report - Brazil




Background of Brazil

Brazil is one of the member countries in the BRICS group. Sri Lanka's export to Brazil was growing at a faster rate compared to the Sri Lanka's growth in exports to EU and USA. Brazilian consumers place more emphasis on price and quality than on the origin of the product, when making a buying decision since the market is highly competitive. However, Sri Lankan products have become less competitive in Brazil market due to non existence of trade agreements with Brazil. Major export products to Brazil include Industrial and Surgical Gloves of rubber, Woven Fabrics, Apparel, Rubber Tyres and Tubes, and Desiccate Coconuts etc.

Population55,167,330 (July 2013 est.)

GDP per Capita (PPP)$102.6 billion (2012 est.)

Total Exports$7.82 billion (2012 est.)

Total Import$7.998 billion (2012 est.)

CurrencyBrazilian real