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  • Why Sri Lankan BPM Services?

    Why Sri Lankan BPM Services?

    Located centrally in South Asia lies one of the region’s most innovative and disruptive Business Process Management (BPM) hubs: Sri Lanka is home to a vibrant knowledge solutions industry that boasts an international footprint, with an accelerating number of global firms that have discovered the country’s innovative prowess.

    The country’s rise to prominence as a global technology and BPM hub has been driven by a myriad of strengths:

    A Robust and Niche Talent Base

    Sri Lanka’s value proposition is based on the unique capabilities of its workforce, combined with advanced supplementary infrastructure. The ability to draw from a diverse and skilled pool of talent is perhaps the key factor that has allowed Sri Lanka to be globally competitive across the knowledge services sector.

    Strong Industry Foundation

    A favourable business climate for foreign investors has been vital to the prosperity of the BPM sector. Legislation allows for 100% foreign ownership of companies, with no restrictions on the repatriation of earnings, fees, and capital.

    High Value Opportunities

    Sri Lanka’s uniqueness also stems from its ability to cost effectively deliver high value solutions with world class quality.

    In addition to offering tier 1 infrastructure with a tier 2 cost structure, labour costs are also competitive, in spite of the high quality of its work force. An attrition rate of less than 20% is proof of Sri Lanka’s dedication and commitment to delivering to the highest possible standards.

    A Multi Faceted Industry

    Sri Lanka hosts a diverse IT industry that caters to leading international giants across many global industries spanning financial markets, aerospace and defense, foodservices, and education, to name a few.

    The country takes pride in the fact that its industry offers best in class options across every facet of the IT and BPM sector, spanning captive centers, technology services, technology products and knowledge and other professional services.