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    Why sri lankan fruit and vegetable products

    Sri Lanka is situated about 50 kilometres away from the Southern tip of India. A population of almost 21 million people lives in an area of 65,610 square kilometres. Sri Lanka is an ideal choice for agriculture and agro-based industries, due to its natural and man-made facilities: naturally rich soil; a wide range of agro-climatic zones; a well distributed rainfall pattern together with a strong network of irrigation facilities; supported by the skills of an intelligent, educated younger generation; facilitate uninterrupted agricultural production in the country.

    A special feature of Sri Lanka is the agricultural diversity coupled with varying climatic conditions. ‘Mother Nature’ has made Sri Lanka ideal for agriculture where the agricultural sector is backed by extensive agro-based infrastructure. Facilitated by appropriate export service facilities, Sri Lanka becomes the choicest for investment in export agriculture.

    In Trincomalee, Sri Lanka has one of the best natural harbours in the Asian region, and the commercial port in Colombo is rated among the most economical and efficient. It offers a comprehensive range of services to shippers and is fast developing into one of the major centres for entrepôt trade in the region.

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