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    self-loading trailer manufactured in Sri Lanka

    Moving from point A to point B, transportation plays a major role in a country’s logistics sector. With the availability of strong infrastructure, the Sri Lankan transportation sector is equipped with facilities and skilled individuals who work day and night towards further improvements. Each type of cargo requires unique methods of distribution. This is supported by special modes of transport. This is where we meet trailers, also known as container chassis, that support the transportation of heavy cargo. 

    Trailers were originally designed to transport shipping containers. They are supported by semi-tractors that lead their road when they set off on a journey. Containers are placed on the top of the trailer using a crane. This is done to make sure that the edges are placed equally to match the pin arrangement. These pins are engaged to lock the container to the trailer. 

    These trailers are mostly used to transport these containers between terminals, warehouses, and ports. Although, the requirement might vary depending on the situation. The basic design of a skeletal trailer comprises a steel frame with tires and axle systems, suspension, brakes, and lighting mechanisms. 

    Terminal Trailers

    A terminal trailer manufactured in Sri Lanka

    As an option for safe transportation, terminal trailers are mostly present at ports and terminals. Its safety factors are ensured by its gravity pop-up system that makes sure the containers are unharmed. These trailers usually transport 50-70 ton loads unless it's a customized design. Some terminal trailer designs are available as one axle trailers, while most designs that support high weight capacities are available as two-axle trailers with spring or rocker arm suspension. 

    Skeletal Trailers

    Skeletal trailer from Sri Lanka

    Fixed to the common road trailer model, skeletal trailers are trailer frames that carry containers. They can be fixed in length or can be extended to provide additional versatility to the cargo based on its size. Skeletal trailers do not have any moving parts. They are less expensive than other trailer models available in the market.

    They are also known to have an extending neck. The twist locks present in these trailers ensure the security of the cargo. Skeletal trailers are also available in a multifunctional design that can split and provide additional flexibility when delivering or picking uploads. Other than containers, skeletal trucks can also be used to transport other cargos such as timber. 

    Flatbed Trailer

    flatbed trailers manufactured in Sri Lanka

    A flatbed trailer is easy to recognize since it only has a flat floor and no walls surrounding it. These trailers are also known as “Flat platform” trailers. A flatbed trailer provides more space for cargo than most trailers. It is also the most flexible trailer type to handle. Starting from logs, these moving platforms can be used to transport heavy machinery and other equipment.

    They can also be extended to support longer loads such as beams, bridge spans, and oversized girders. Flatbed trailers are available in “step-frame” types that can be used to carry light plants and equipment in high amounts. Step frames increase the trailer’s stability by reducing its centre of gravity. 

    Tank Trailer

    Tank trailers manufactured in Sri Lanka

    These trailers are known for their unique cylinder-shaped tanks. Although they are primarily used for heavy-duty hauls and transportation of specific cargo such as HAZMAT materials, these trailers are also used to transport gases, liquids such as milk, and dry goods such as grains, sand, cement, etc. The usual size of a tank trailer can range from small to large. The largest tanks have a gross weight rating of 14969 kilograms.

    Tankers that are specially designed for the transportation of fuel have multipurpose compartments within the cylindrical tank.  Any liquid surge can be controlled by the baffles present inside each compartment. They act as dividers with hollows allowing the liquid to flow through. 

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    Trailer Spare Parts

    Sri Lankan Trailer Manufacturers are also suppliers of related spare parts. These components are unique to certain models while some can be used in general. Both foreign and local clients can choose from classified catalogues presented by Sri Lankan manufacturers. It is also important to have an idea about the purpose that some of the general spare parts serve.

    Spindle Thrust Washer

    A thrust washer has to be installed between the outer axle shaft and the spindle. Their purpose is to protect the axle and the spindle from wearing off. Damage can be caused by constant friction and adhesion if the axle was allowed to slide around. Therefore, installing a spindle thrust washer will make sure that the trailer will not have to travel with a worn-out axle or spindle.

    Spindle Nut

    A spindle nut connects the half shaft of the trailer to its wheel hub. It is threaded onto the spindle to affix the hub assembly onto the spindle. It performs the critical function of retaining the hub assembly on the spindle. A spindle nut is made out of three main components. It requires a lock washer, a locking snap ring, and a nut. When worn out, these nuts are not supposed to be reused, but to be replaced.

    Lining Rivets

    A brake lining rivet has a countersunk head with a cylindrical body and a semi-tubular hole. Its depth is approximately equal to the diameter of the rivet. It performs a special function in most vehicles by securing the brake shoe linings. The lining is the part of the braking system that converts the vehicle’s kinetic energy into heat. It has to be capable of surviving high temperatures without excessive wear. In heavy-duty, brake lining rivets are helpful during high load applications where it helps the trailer to maintain position relative to the brake share.

    Fixed Torque Arm

    A torque arm is a long suspension arm that attaches the rear axle housing and the chassis. Its purpose is to control the axle housing rotation. It is also known as a radius rod. It controls the wheel motion in the longitudinal direction. When stopping and accelerating, the torque arms restrain the rotation of the axle housing. It helps to absorb impact. It twists, yields, and returns to a straight rod based on the movement of a control arm that levers up and down.

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