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     Foam rubber products in Sri Lanka

    History of Rubber in Sri Lanka

    The planting of 1919 seedlings in the Sri Lankan soil back in the day became the reason for many revolutionary changes in various industries later on. Sri Lanka is renowned for the production of high-quality latex products. The unique quality of the raw material and the country’s early involvement in the industry has placed the country as, “The cradle of rubber”. Tyres, footwear, PPE, and industrial parts are some of the main areas of production majored by the local industry.

    The majority of the Sri Lankan rubber estates are owned by smallholders. All these estates help to produce the best quality latex rubber in the world, which is also the most exported latex crepe in the global market. The premium quality natural rubber produced in Sri Lanka is known as Lankaprene. It is odour-free, light-coloured, and clean. It is mostly used to manufacture medical equipment and upmarket value-added products.

    Foam Rubber Products from Sri Lanka

    Foam rubber is a flexible, porous substance made from natural or synthetic rubber latex compounded with various other ingredients and whipped into a froth. It contains roughly 85 per cent air and 15 per cent rubber. Since foam rubber can be moulded and vulcanized, it can be seen in the preparation of many products including mattresses, pillows, and sheets.

    When it is being made, foam rubber uses a blowing agent. Most of the time, this agent is a gas or a chemical that produces gas. This gas creates a mass of small bubbles in the liquid mixture which contains polyols, polyisocyanates, water, and additives such as flame retardants, fillers, and colourants. Let’s have a look at some of the famous foam rubber products that are released to the market by Sri Lankan manufacturers.

    Foam Mattresses

    These mattresses include a thick layer of rubber foam. The structure usually contains a blend of memory foam, polyurethane foam, and other materials. The memory foam moulds the mattress into the shape of the individual’s body, it plays a major role in making a foam mattress comfortable.

    The mattresses are known to have very good motion isolation when compared to spring mattresses. It provides good support and good pressure relief. Latex foam mattresses are also known as the best health option since they support good respiration, skin, and overall health. When sleeping on a foam mattress, the body gets the support to release any pain and improve sleep quality.

    Foam Pillows

    Foam pillows are famous for providing relief from aches and pains. They conform to the head and neck, providing supportive sleep that changes with sleeping position. Its soft cushioning is often admired by users. Polyurethane is the main ingredient used in the production of foam pillows.

    It is a type of plastic that can be found in a variety of other products such as sofas, mattresses, insulation, and spray foam. It is well known for changing its shape under pressure and returning to its original shape when the pressure is released. As a result, it is used by individuals suffering from strains on the neck and the spine.

    Foam Strips

    Foam strips are the ideal solution for anyone dealing with leakage problems in their house. They are used for sound damping, insulating, gasketing, cushioning and sealing. Apart from being used on repairs, the product can also be used to improve an existing product. These strips are generally 1” thick and 1”-2” wide.

    High-density foam strips are often admired for their waterproofing ability. Some foam strips can be expanded. This variety is made using quality pre-compressed polyurethane foam with tape applied to one side. These strips can be purchased in the form of rolls in the market.

    Foam Sheets

    This is strong and lightweight material that can easily be cut using a sharp tool. It is made using EVA, a copolymer that is used widely in biomedical engineering applications such as drug-delivery services. Foam sheets are also known as craft forms. They are available in a wide spectrum of colours and serve many purposes.

    They can be punched, cut, sewn, stamped, and painted on. As a result, it is used for making stamps of different shapes when engaging in craftwork. It can also be impressed with the impression of a rubber stamp where the raised part of the rubber stamp sinks into the foam. There are multiple other ways how these sheets can be used with creativity.

    Foam rubber products from Sri Lanka

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