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    Rubber gloves from Sri Lanka

    Made with natural and synthetic rubber, the rubber gloves industry in Sri Lanka meets over 5% of the global demand for a variety of gloves from disposable and reusable household gloves, to industrial and surgical gloves with various specifications. Manufactured mainly with natural rubber latex made in Sri Lanka, and imported synthetic rubber, rubber gloves from Sri Lanka are used primarily in the medical, dental, industrial, pharmaceutical and food handling sectors, with the global health sector being the largest consumer of gloves.

    According to repetitive research, natural rubber latex obtained from the Rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) is in many ways an ideal glove material due to its good tensile and tear strengths. Natural rubber is also elastic and has a relatively low modulus which can be important in reducing hand fatigue for the wearer. One of the main obstacles to the exclusive use of natural rubber in the production of gloves is the allergic reactions to natural rubber latex, which triggered the popularity of nitrile latex gloves in European and North American markets.

    However, latex gloves continue to be a popular choice in both the industrial and medical industries and are widely used in applications in medical and dental, child and senior care, food service and processing, janitorial and sanitation, automotive and manufacturing industries.

    Benefits of Natural Rubber Gloves

    By virtue of its molecular structure, natural rubber latex is a cross-linked polymeric material that is highly flexible and extensible. Natural latex rubber gloves developed from the sap of the rubber tree offers multiple benefits due to its comprehensive barrier protection and high elasticity including;

    Chemical Resistance

    Latex rubber naturally offers the benefit of chemical resistance against most acids and bases including chlorine, iodine and formaldehyde. However, heavy-duty latex gloves from Sri Lanka provides enhanced protection against bloodborne pathogens and other environmental contaminants. The chemical resistance quality of natural latex rubber gloves makes them ideal for the use of chemical-based industries and laboratories.

    High Puncture Resistance

    Thin, yet durable due to high elasticity provided by natural rubber, latex rubber gloves stretch to its maximum before they break, which makes them ideal when working with sharp objects in the industrial sector as well as in food service and household chores.

    Greater Sensitivity, Feel and Dexterity

    Due to the dexterity and tactile sensitivity caused by the high elasticity of natural rubber latex, latex rubber gloves fit seamlessly into the wearer’s hand providing a wrinkle less tight fit. The ability to provide a greater dexterity to the wearer makes latex rubber surgical gloves useful in medical, dental, nursing as well as cosmetic sectors, which requires a combination of strong protection and dextrous movement of the hand.

    Greater Resistance against Pathogens

    According to repetitive research (1) (2) , the in-use barrier integrity of natural latex rubber gloves and other protective material is far more superior in reducing the risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens compared to nitrile, neoprene, styrene copolymers, plasticised PVC and polyurethane. This characteristic makes natural rubber latex the ideal material for surgical and dental gloves.

    Uses of Rubber Gloves

    Rubber gloves manufacturers from Sri Lanka produces a range of gloves made with natural rubber, fabric and leather to suit a wide variety of requirements including;

      • Household gloves for a range of purposes such as vehicle maintenance, pet care, personal care, laundry, cleaning, gardening, and food preparation.
      • Industrial gloves which are suitable for the use in agriculture, chemical, construction, electrical, electronics, food, maintenance, logistics, material fabrication, oil and mineral mining, automotive and transportation industries. Industrial gloves made in Sri Lanka provide protection when working with chemicals, performing mechanical work, working with sharp objects, electricity, heat and radioactive elements.
      • Disposable medical gloves made in Sri Lanka are widely used in medical and dental inspections, surgeries, medical laboratories and research institutes and are available in the form of pre-powdered latex examination gloves, powder-free nitrile examination gloves, powder-free textured high-risk latex gloves.

    In addition to the range of rubber, nitrile and mixed material gloves, Sri Lankan glove manufacturers also produce nitrile sleeves with high abrasion resistance. All the rubber gloves and other products made in Sri Lanka comply with FDA regulations and EU PPE regulations.


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