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  • Industry specific benefits and concessions

    Exemption under Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (BOI)

    • Exemption of Customs Duty on importation of capital goods during the project implementation period
    • Exemption of Ports & Airport Development Levy on capital items for export-oriented manufacturing companies with an investment of over USD 200 million during project implementation period,
    • Exemption from Custom duty, PAL, NBT for raw materials for export oriented projects (minimum investment USD 500,000)
    • VAT deferment facility for raw materials for export oriented projects

    Tax concession under Inland Revenue Department Act

    • Reduced Corporate Income Tax Rate of 14% for projects predominantlyv1 engaged in export manufacturing
    • Accelerated Capital Allowance on Depreciable Assets in addition to normal depreciation

    Location Expenses incurred on Decidable Assets√2 Enhanced Capital Allowance Extended Period for Deducting Unrelieved Losses Exemption from Dividends tax and Exemptions of employment income from WHT
    Nothern Province >US$ 3 Mn and <= US$ 1,000 Mn 200% 10
    > US$ 1000 Mn 200% 25
    Other than Nothern Province > US$ 3 Mn and <= US$ 100 Mn 100% 10
    >US$ 100 Mn and <= US$ 1,000 Mn 150% 10
    > US$ 1000 Mn 150% 25

    Temporary Concessions (Only for 3 years from 1 April 2018)

    Location Expenses incurred on Decidable Assets√3 Enhanced Capital Allowance
    Nothern Province Up to US$ 3 Mn  200%
    Other than Nothern Province Up to US$ 3 Mn 100%

    • Depreciable assets (other than intangible assets) comprising plant or machinery that are used to improve business Classification of Depreciable Assets
    • Class 1 : computers and data handling equipment together with peripheral devices
    • Class 2 : buses and minibuses, goods vehicles; construction and earthmoving equipment, heavy general purpose or specialised trucks, trailers and trailer-mounted containers; plant and machinery used in manufacturing.
    • Class 3 : railroad cars, locomotives, and equipment; vessels, barges, tugs, and similar water transportation equipment; aircraft; specialisedpublic utility plant, equipment, and machinery; office furniture, fixtures, and equipment; any depreciable asset not included in another class.
    • Class 4 : buildings, structures and similar works of a permanent nature
    • Class 5 : intangible assets, excluding goodwill - applicable only for normal depreciation