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  • Export Opportunities for Sri Lankan Electrical & Electronics Companies

    Electrical & electronics is one of the key industries of Sri Lanka which increasingly converges with the ICT sector. Preferential market access under the Indo-Lanka Free Trade Agreement, Pakistan-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement, Singapore Free Trade Agreement, EU GSP Plus concession to be received is a major electrical and electronics product suppliers from Sri Lanka.

    Key exports from Sri Lanka are Noise suppression capacitors, Noise suppression coils, Seat belt sensors, Wire harness, Airbag sensors, Power suppliers and Inductors, Transformers, Electrical Panel Boards, Electrical Switches and sockets, Data Communication cables and Industrial plugs, machined mechanical components, Machined component assembly, Coil Windings on Non- Uniform bobbins, Cable harnessing, Surface mounted Printed Circuit Boards (EMS), Automotive Harnessing, Seat Belt Safety Sensor Harness for automobiles, Electrical Power cables, Enamelled Winding Wires, Telecommunication cables, LV Switch Boards & Modular Enclosures, IoT devices and prototypes, and Consumer electronics industry.

    The top 10 exporting destinations are Switzerland, Maldives, United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Bangladesh, India, and Germany.