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    Sri Lankan bottled water suppliers offer bottled mineral water that caters to the hospitality industry locally and also to tourist destinations in the Asian region. Cool crystal spring waters originating from the central hills which are said to be full of natural minerals is purified and packed according to international standards, to offer a refreshing and clean product to the consumer. Sri Lankan beverage manufacturers and suppliers export both alcoholic beverages and non- alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages such as arrack, a smooth and popular drink and beer are also offered from distilleries and breweries manufacturing from centuries ago now adding modern equipment and processes to improve quality and volumes. Coconut water is a refreshing drink that has an increasing demand due to its health benefits as an energy provider. An all-natural hydrating drink, full of and nutrients, other potassium electrolytes it is an ideal sports drink. Sri Lanka is now producing this drink in bottled and boxed form, as a ready to drink beverage. Vinegar used worldwide in food preparations and as a food preservative,is traditionally made from Coconut water found in abundance in Sri Lanka. Several types are known - traditional vinegar, coconut vinegar and distilled white vinegar. The latter is made from sugar cane syrup and Sri Lanka is second in South East Asia using this technology in the manufacture of the distilled product. It is also used as mild disinfectant and in herbal preparations to soothe sunburn and insect bites and as a cleaning and deodorising agent.

    Many of the bottled drinking water manufacturers in Sri Lanka are SLS Certified, illustrating strict adherence to stringent hygienic requirements to enable a healthy product offering to customers. Currently, these exporters are working towards acquiring International Certificates such as ISO and HACCP.

    The beverage industry (excluding tea) increased its market share twofold, from US$ 3 Million in 2006 to US$ 6 million in 2010. One of the sector's key contributors is alcoholic beverages, exported to key market destinations such as the UAE, Japan, Singapore, France and UK. Vinegar is also exported under the category of beverages to the Maldives, Singapore and Australia.