• Sri Lanka Exports Development Board (SLEDB) - Advertise with us

    Sri Lanka's Apex Organisation for Export Promotion


  • Sri Lanka Exports Development Board (SLEDB) - Advertise with us

    Sri Lanka's Apex Organisation for Export Promotion


  • Advertise with Us

    Sri Lanka Export Development Board is the nation’s apex organization for promotion and development of exports. www.srilankabusiness.com, our highly informative web portal is frequented by the representatives of a huge number local and international businesses, which makes it a highly effective B2B marketing & networking platform. Therefore, by advertising on our website, you can secure great online exposure for your business and push it to the next level. Go over our advertising policy and creative guidelines below so that you can a clear idea on how exactly you can advertise with us. Advertise with us and be part of our success story.

    The biggest portion of our website traffic consists of B2B visitors


    For Local Exporters ( Advertisements Rates)

    • The Company / Enterprise must be registered with EDB and incorporated in Sri Lanka
    • The Company / Enterprise must be manufacturing a product or delivering a service
    • The Company / Enterprise must be successfully done with at least one export product or service within the last 03 months
    • The Company / Enterprise must be actively functioning within the last 03 years in exporting products / services

    For Local Service Providers (Advertisements Rates)

    • The Company / Enterprise must be registered in Sri Lanka
    • The Company / Enterprise must be delivering a service to Exporters
    • The Company / Enterprise must be actively functioning within the last 03 years

    For International Buyers/ Service Providers

    The Buyer’s/ Service Provider’s product/service sector must be having a demand in Sri Lanka

    Creative Guidelines

    Ad sizes supported

    • Large leaderboard: 970x90
    • Leaderboard: 728 x 90
    • Square: 250 x 250

    Ad formats allowed


    Colour Format


    Maximum file size allowed

    150kb (JPEG) / 100kb (GIF)


    An ad must carry a clear border of a contrasting colour.

    Animation length & speed

    • Animation length mustn’t be any longer than 30 seconds
    • Animation can be looped, but, it must stop after 30 seconds
    • Animated GIF ads mustn’t be faster than 5 FPS

    Advertising is Allowed to :

    • Exporters
    • Local Service Providers
    • International Buyers/ Service Providers

    Destination URL

    • Web banners campaign analytics should only be tracked with UTM tracking codes. Web banners won’t be allowed to use redirecting URLs to track campaign analytics.
    • Web banners aren’t allowed to lead viewers into a payment processor, e.g. PayPal. Visitors must be able to go over the terms of the offer before proceeding to purchase or fill sign-up forms.
    • Web Banners aren’t allowed to file downloads (only direct to web page only)
    • Web banners must not direct people to non-functional landing pages. This includes landing page content that interferes with a person's ability to navigate away from the page.


    • Error pages or sites that are under construction
    • Landing pages that are PDF or JPEG files
    • Landing pages that don't match the product or service promoted in the advert
    • Landing pages that automatically download files to a person's computer
    • Landing pages that require you to download additional programs or software to access the content on the page
    • Landing pages with a low Web of Trust rating

    Link Behaviour: Do not deceive, confuse, or otherwise degrade the experience of members who click on your ad. The domain of your Display URL must match the domain of your Destination URL. All members must be sent to the same destination URL and landing page from a click on your ad. Do not send members to a landing page that generates a pop-up. The landing page must allow users to navigate away from the page, including using the browser's 'Back' button and returning to the page that the ad was displayed on.

    Display Ad Content

    • You must utilize the entire space in your banner ad and shouldn’t feature multiple copies within the ad.
    • You shouldn’t imitate site content, news or text ads
    • You won’t be allowed at all to deceive users into clicking your ad. This demands that you shouldn’t mimic system or site warning, operating system dialogue boxes or error messages.
    • Your display ad must carry the distinct appearance of an ad and must easily stand apart from the page content. Where you use a white background, you should add a contrasting border to delineate your banner
    • You are allowed to replicate animated features or icons as long as they exist on your landing page.
    • Every ad should have a 1 pixel border.
    • In-banner audio or video aren’t allowed be embedded in the banners.

    Restricted Content Categories

    • Hateful or violent concepts or ads against a country, an organization, person, group of people or a protected group distinguished by race or ethnic origin, colour, national origin, religion, disability, sex, age, veteran status, sexual orientation or gender identity.
    • Alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine and spirits
    • Escort services, prostitution, or adult dating services
    • Offline gambling, online gambling, and gambling-related products
    • Illegal drugs, legal or synthetic highs, herbal drugs, chemicals and compounds with psychoactive effects, drug paraphernalia, or aids to pass drug tests
    • Websites infected with malware, or the sale of malicious software
    • Weapons or ammunition promotions.
    • And any other Content which is prohibited under Sri Lankan Law

    Copyrighted Content

    EDB restricts the promotion of copyrighted content. If you intend to promote copyrighted content and believe you’re legally sanctioned to do so, you can send us a copy of your copyright documentation to be certified to advertise.

    The potential advertisers are advised to avoid the following to avoid their being disapproved.

    • Unauthorized sites or software that capture, copy, or allow access to copyrighted content.
    • Sites or apps that facilitate unauthorized offline distribution of copyrighted content.
    • Software, sites, or tools that remove digital rights management (DRM) technology from copyrighted material or otherwise circumvent copyright (irrespective of whether the intended use is legitimate or not).


    The advertisers must avoid using trademarks that do not belong to them without prior approval from their rightful owners under any circumstances. If required, the advertisers must be able to submit reliable legal proof on the ownership of the trademarks they claim theirs.

    Counterfeit Goods

    EDB prohibits the sale or promotion for sale of counterfeit goods. Counterfeit goods carry a trademark or logo that is identical to or significantly indistinguishable from the trademark of another. They imitate the brand features of the product in an attempt to pass themselves off as a genuine product of the brand’s real owner. The advertisers must, therefore, avoid publishing ads promoting counterfeit goods under any circumstances.

    Legal Requirements

    As an advertiser, you're always responsible for ensuring that you comply with all applicable laws and regulations, apart from EDB’s advertising policies, for all of the locations where your ads will be shown. EDB retains the right to disapprove any advertisement that violate laws and/or regulations of the countries where the ads will be served.

    All advertisements are subject to approval of the Publisher, Editor, or Publishing Partner of EDB which reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement at any time.

    Abusing the Ad Network

    EDB wants ads to be useful, varied, relevant, and safe for users when serving them across the network. As such, EDB doesn’t allow any of the following:

    • Malicious ads, sites, or apps
    • Ads promoting sites or apps that offer little unique value to users and are focused primarily on traffic generation
    • Businesses that try to secure an unfair advantage in the ad auction
    • Businesses that try to circumvent our review processes

    Adult Content

    EDB doesn’t allow the promotion of the following types of adult-oriented content:

    • Offline adult entertainment
    • Adult merchandise
    • Dating services
    • International bride services
    • Sexually suggestive content
    • Images containing exposed skin and nudity


    EDB doesn’t allow the promotion of alcoholic beverages and drinks that resemble alcoholic beverages and Tobacco products.

    Dangerous Products or Services

    EDB doesn’t allow the promotion of products & services that may cause damage, harm or injury. EDB deems the following to be dangerous products & services.

    • Explosives
    • Guns & parts or components of a gun
    • Other weapons
    • Recreational drugs
    • Tobacco

    Data collection & use

    EDB wants users to trust that information about them will be respected and handled with appropriate care. Therefore, the advertisers should not abuse this information, nor gather it for unclear purposes or without appropriate security measures. The advertisers should pay serious attention to the following.

    Inadequate data security

    • Using security measures inappropriate for the type of information being collected

    Misusing personal information

    • Use of personal information in ways that users have not consented to
    • Promotions that directly address the user using personal information
    • Promotions that use, or imply knowledge of, a user's personal information


    The EDB shall not under any circumstances be liable for any form of advertisement published by the exporter using the facility provided and shall not indemnify any loss or damage caused to the exporter by any third party as a result of the advertisement.

    For more information

    Contact EDB IT Division on [email protected]

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