Al-Ifa's Herbal Products Private Ltd

Al-Ifa's Herbal Products Private Ltd

Thoughts of establishing Al-Ifa’a Herbal Products (Pvt) Ltd came to Mr. M M Hassan when he was contacted by a Sri Lankan born Islamic Doctor living in the Middle East. His formula’s that cured people were in-scripted by Ibn Sina, the great Persian Scholar in the Medieval times. Upon further research including information about their ingredients and medicinal use and by consensus - It was then that he decided to establish a Company not only to commercialise, but also to promote medicinal use of his research.

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Al-Ifa's Herbal Products Private Ltd

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Company NameAl-Ifa's Herbal Products Private Ltd

Products / Services RangeMedieval Arab Herbal Products

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Address 28, Tajima Bldg, Galle Road Dehiwala North

Telephone(94) 11-2719902

Fax(94) 11-2761701

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Contact Person Nisansala CEO

Telephone (94) 77-2649295

Fax (94) 11-2761701


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