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Influx International

Influx International

Influx International based in Sri Lanka adapting distinct advantage of living in a tropical paradise ripe with fresh oils, herbs, and spices grown right at our doorstep. Our vision to develop a range of natural personal products making full use of our local ingredients.

These ingredients including but not limited to Aloe Vera, Cinnamon, Coconut, Sandalwood, Turmeric, Moringa have been used in Sri Lanka and traded throughout the world for thousands of years to promote ones health, beauty and well being.

We now take the opportunity to offer this unique range of products to you and we look forward to serving you as one of our most valued customers.

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Influx International

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Company NameInflux International


Products / Services RangeInflux offers unique range of products natural personal care products such as face cleansing range and natural repellent range.

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Address 50A, Magalegoda Road, Bemmulla, Gampaha

Telephone(94) 716329582

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Contact Person Mr. Sanjaya Kolonne Manager

Telephone (94) 716329582

Email [email protected]


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