Ceylon Sapphires

While Sri Lanka is celebrated around the world for our vast range of gemstones, there is a special historical bond between Sri Lanka and its sapphires. Acclaimed around the world with the unique geographical indication of Ceylon Sapphires, sapphires from Sri Lanka are found in various colours and sizes, with the exception of the colour indigo.

Today, Sri Lanka is one of the largest sources of sapphire to the global market with over 300 gemstone suppliers and lapidaries serving the growing demand for Sri Lankan gemstones. Not only Sri Lanka is the most productive source of sapphires to the world, but we also boast of some of the oldest mines in the world, reaching as far as the Second Century AD and international trade of Ceylon Sapphires have been recorded as far as the 4th and 5th century AD.

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Industry Facts

  • $298 million

    in Export Revenue in 2019

  • 300,000 people


  • 70%

    of Sri Lanka’s land mass is potentially gem bearing

Major Gems, Diamonds & Jewellery Exporters

More Company Highlights


    Echelon Gem and Jewellery division was set up to provide a trustworthy and honest source of quality Gem stones.Our business module is different from large global Gem and Jewellery retailers. Our Gold,Gemstones and Jewellery are reasonable priced in accordance to their quality.We seek to provide the best services in any customer dealings and we pride ourselves in our ability to match customer enquirers with a carefully filtered and vetted collections of gemstones tailored to any tastes, from the bluest Sapphires to the rarest-forms of Spinels

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    Company specializes in natural coloured gemstones. The product line consists mainly of faceted free size un-heated sapphires of all grades, particularly in larger sizes from medium to high quality. The sapphire range includes blue, pink, yellow sapphires and an array of sapphires in pastel colours, rubies, star sapphires and star rubies. In addition, a selection of other important gemstones such as cats-eye chryoberyl and alexandrite.

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    Established in 1989, we are an esteemed Industry Leader in the fields of Export, Import & Wholesale Distribution of high quality Gemstones in Sri Lanka. We hold the prestigious honour of being recognised by the Sri Lankan Government as one of the top 3 Exporters of authentic Sri Lankan Gemstones. From Precious to Semi-Precious Gemstones, our commitment is to further illuminate the beauty and magnificence of Gemstones while our specialisation lies in Unheated Natural Sapphires.

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    For over three decades now, Mushan has been taking Sri Lanka's finest sapphires to the rest of the world. Mushan receives its unique, natural and ethical gemstones directly from the mines, and makes them available to you in the heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital city. Mushan’s strict quality standards and willingness to go the extra mile have gained us a stellar reputation with our clients across the globe.

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    Exporters of high quality calibrated and single pieces sapphires.

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    Priyantha Gems & Lapidary had been experiencing 12 years of Lapidary work, with seperate groups of people working in these sections orderly: pre-forming section, calibrating section, cut & polishing, girdle polishing and finally quality controlling to gain a final product of precious, semi-precious or a rare gem stone.

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Trade Fairs & Exhibitions

  • The 4th edition of China International Import Expo (CIIE)

    The 4th edition of China International Import Expo (CIIE) will be held from 5th to 10th November 2021 at the National Exhibition & Convention Center, Shanghai, China. The EDB in collaboration with Sri Lanka Embassy in Beijing and Sri Lanka Consulate General in Shanghai, China is making arrangements to organize Sri Lanka’s participation at the 4th CIIE-2021.

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  • Ceylon Blue Sapphire

    Ceylon Blue Sapphire

    While sapphires account for 85% of the 130 precious gemstone varieties mined in Sri Lanka, none of the Ceylon Sapphire varieties is as popular around the world as the Ceylon Blue Sapphire, gem corundum that displays a celebrated shade of blue comparable with the hue of Cornflowers. Widely identified for its characteristic lighter and brighter blue, Ceylon Blue Sapphires were traded around the world as far as the 2nd Century A.D.

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  • Padparadscha sapphire or Padmaraga

    Padparadscha sapphire or Padmaraga

    Historically known as the rarest and the most valuable corundums found in Sri Lanka, the Padparadscha sapphire, features a delicate combination of pink and orange, a hue in between a ruby and a yellow sapphire, resembling the tips of a new lotus flower at the dawn, the name derives from the Sanskrit term padmaraga for lotus blossom.

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  • Sri Lanka’s Competitive Advantage

    Sri Lanka’s Competitive Advantage

    Sri Lanka’s gem and jewellery value chain had been nurtured and fine-tuned for centuries with each generation adding to the collective knowledge and skills in gemstone mining, cutting, trading, jewellery manufacturing. Today our centuries-old tradition and reputation as a coloured gemstone mining, trading, and cutting hub converge with the technologies, skill sets, and strategies of the global market, providing Sri Lanka with a competitive edge over the other gem-trading countries.

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Ceylon Sapphires

Ceylon Sapphires, as the sapphires found in Sri Lanka are famously known, come in all the hues and shades of the rainbow with the small exception of indigo and are known to naturally possess the best clarity, transparency and saturation.

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